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A Python module for parsing and creating Requests and Responses of Dialogflow Fulfillment Library. The Dialogflow Fulfillment Library allows you to connect natural language understanding and processing to your own system. Using Fulfillment, you can surface commands and information from your services to your users through a natural conversational interface.

This dialogflowpy-webhook module is intended to help build Python Dialogflow Fulfillment for multiple integrations including Google Assistant, Facebook and Telegram. It is expected to work for Slack and Line as well.


  • Parsing Dialogflow requests and get details like Intent, Slot Values, Contexts and more!

  • Supports creation of Responses like: Text Responses, Cards, Quick Replies/Suggestions and Images

  • Supports creation of all Google Assistant Rich Responses

A simple Bot with dialogflowpy-webhook and Flask

from flask import Flask,request
import dialogflowpy_webhook as dfw
app = Flask(__name__)

def fulfillment():
   response_handler = dfw.response_handler()
   response_handler.generic_response("Hello from Python!")
   return response_handler.create_final_response()

The snippet above will make a dialogflow bot reply “Hello from Python!” whenever invoked.


  • Head over to the Getting Started section to create a Dialogflow bot with dialogflowpy_webhook

  • Take a look at the Module Reference which contains all the modules available in dialogflowpy_webhook

  • Take a look at the examples here which contain some use cases for many functions

Reporting Bugs

In case of any problems or suggestions with this module, feel free to open a Github Issue